Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring is in the Air

General Beauregard Lee, Georgia's ground hog, did not see his shadow earlier this month. With the forecast for the upper 70's this week, it definitely feels like spring. The animals are waking up in the art room. First grade classes learned about the Georgia folk artist John "Cornbread" Anderson. Just a short drive north will put you in the North Georgia Mountains and Lumpkin county, the home of Cornbread. We enjoyed how he painted animals that he saw around the farm and in the forest near where he lived. His big-eyed quirky animals helped us to appreciate that art does have to be serious and stuffy. 

We also enjoyed the story and silly animal illustrations of Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley. 

This is the beginning of a second grade project studying the French artist Henri Rousseau. Like the folk artists, he was self-taught and his work is often described as naive or child-like. Rousseau is credited to say, "Nothing makes me so happy as to observe nature and to paint what I see." Like Rousseau, we drew from a photograph of the jungle (he never actually went either) and listened to tropical sounds as we drew and painted. We will learn to mix tints, shades and tertiary colors as we complete this background and then add pop-out animals. I'll post those later.

Milestones (and not Georgia's standardized test)

I've been posting on this blog for a little over five years now. I use it as a way to share some of our day and what we study and create in the art room. Some of you who visit are parents; others are art teachers. Some of you get drawn in by the hypnotic powers of Pinterest. However you have reached us, THANKS! We have reached the 50,000 pageviews mark. I hope that you have found something useless, interesting or inspirational on this blog and will visit again.

In the meantime, I will continue to share the wonderful place that I get to come to every day and do what is supposed to be "work." 
Right now we are getting ready for our Artome' framed art show for Fine Arts Night, March 16th. I have also been prepping and framing work for the Oconee County Youth Art Month exhibit at OCAF with the Opening Reception March 2nd. March is a very busy month for the art program every year but showcasing the inspiring art created by MBES students.