Monday, October 24, 2016

When Pigasso Met Mootisse

The title may be a bit misleading if you are familiar with the book by the same title (and you are seeing a rooster.) 

Second grade has been studying the work of Pablo Picasso while first grade has been studying the work of Henri Matisse.

We studied works of Picasso and even watched a video of him drawing. We watched his flowers change and transform and even had a few chuckles over some of his Cubist works. Having created over 26,000 works of art, it is interesting to see how his art also changed over his long career. We were inspired by the colors and patterns of his rooster art and painted and printed to create depth and details. Oil pastels were used for the finishing touches.

Having studied the color wheel and how artist use it to organize colors, we viewed several of Matisse's still life paintings. We looked to see how he used color in expressive ways and not necessarily to copy real life. We did the same :) We are using tempera cakes for the background and liquid tempera for the subject. Students are mixing colors directly on their papers. I am still deciding (or might give the option) if we should finish with oil pastels.

These examples are in progress but give you an idea of where we are going with color, especially the last one which is a bit farther along in the process.

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