Friday, September 23, 2016

Busy Start to School

Just because I haven't posted since the beginning of school certainly does not mean that we have not been busy learning and creating some awesome work.

We kicked off our first art club with a six week session of knitting. Fourth and fifth grade students will also have the opportunity to participate in six-week sessions of 3-D Art, Art Journaling and Up-Cycled Art later his year.

We celebrated International Dot Day by making a large artwork with 600+ dots. Each student added a dot to the artwork during their weekly art time.

We have been learning and reviewing our elements of art, as well as our class room procedures. Each grade level is working on an artwork with a different theme to submit for our Square 1 Art designs for this year. We are working on self-portraits; family and animal portraits; line and shape designs; and nature-themed artworks. The students always get excited and it is great fundraiser for the art program.

These are just a few quick examples. The fourth and fifth grade projects are a bit more detailed and they are still working on the finals after brainstorming with thumbnail sketches and planning through rough drafts. I will try to get a few shots of those before the work has to be mailed mid-October (which will be here before I know it) :)

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