Thursday, January 14, 2016

Art is for the Birds!

We seem to have been inspired in the art room lately by our feathered friends. Maybe it is their pops of color on a drab winter landscape that catch our attention or perhaps, we watch the seasons pass through their life cycles. Our work was inspired by Charley Harper who worked in minimal realism and artistically broke down the shapes that made the birds and animals around his West Virginia farm home.

First graders looked at the shapes and simple details to draw and paint song birds that we see around our homes and school. Different seasons were included as the students added background details. Several wishful thinking snowy days were painted, complete with white, sparkly pearl paint.

Fourth graders studied several of Harper's works and learned characteristics of his style. They used collage to create artworks of birds and other animals in his style.

Although not inspired be Harper, Kindergarten enjoyed working with texture and pattern on a drawing/printing project of an owl. Happy voices are always heard at the mention of oil pastels :)

Now don't think that we've left out the rest of the kingdom. We have other projects in the works that include our land and sea friends, too. We'll be working on these as we gear up for March which is Youth Art Month.

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