Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Happy and Colorful Thanksgiving!

First graders have been learning about the color wheel and how the secondary colors are made.

We had a great time, and several excited "ah-ha" moments, as we used only the primary watercolors to mix the secondary colors and paint our turkey drawings. We even experimented with mixing all the primary colors together to make the neutral brown.

Fourth graders worked on harvest-inspired still life tempera paintings and learned about different color schemes.  

We learned that a monochromatic plan starts with one color to which white is added to make tints and black is added to make shades. 

An analogous plan includes colors that are related and touch on the color wheel. We started with two primary colors (to aid in paint prep) and then mixed the secondary and intermediate colors that come in between.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Square 1 Art !

The Square 1 Art fundraiser has begun and runs through November 16th. This gives families the opportunity to order keepsakes and gifts featuring your child's art. Money raised goes to support the art program at MBES. All students are welcome to keep the page of stickers for free! 

Themes this year included self portraits K and 1st; family portraits 2nd; illuminated letters 3rd, nature 4th and favorites for 5th.

Orders may be placed online, by telephone or by paper form and payment brought to school. Please, remember that 7% sales tax is required for all orders. Our paper order deadline is Friday, November 13th.