Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Color Theory

Fall is here and the changing colors outside our windows have inspired our color theory project for fourth grade.

We learned that there are several different color families or color schemes that artists use to create different visual affects.

Monochromatic colors are tints (add white) and shades (add black) of a color.
Analogous colors are related and can be found beside each other on the color wheel.
Complementary colors are found across from each other on a color wheel.

Our follow-up project is an animal portrait where the students can choose the animal, color scheme and materials to complete their artwork. We are at the thumbnail and rough draft stage now and I am loving the direction that their knowledge and creativity are taking them.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Feeling a Little Finster

 We worked on a Georgia Folk Artist unit last year and third graders completed Howard Finster inspired self-portraits. Some of the students were kind enough to loan me their works to display in the hall over the summer. (We always have families touring and I hated to have bare walls.) I've recently taken the self-portraits down and realized that I never posted the project. The students really enjoyed the process and learning about folk art and the contributions of many Georgians.

We, too, added words to tell about us and stylized features to our portraits. 

I love the note, "Dont mind the hair. I messed up."