Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's in a Name?

In 5th grade, we worked with line, shape, color, and repetition to create a patterned board. During a lesson on abstract art, we learned that abstract artists are not trying to represent the world in a realistic way but look at the world from a different perspective. We discussed how our name is a common object that we "draw" almost daily. We must follow the rules when we write our name. As artist, we used the  letters of our names cut from our patterned boards to turn our common 2-D, start it with a capital, left to right names into 3-D sculptures. The students were required to use all the letters of their name in either positive or negative shapes. At first, many were stumped on how to begin. I encouraged them to think about building with a shape and not a letter and they were able to work past it. 

The sculptures are still their names but with an artistic, abstract approach. I've seen this project on Pinterest but found a plan here http://artsforlifenc.org/projects/?p=1268  We used scrap mat board for greater strength and stability but cutting out all those letters with the die cut machine took a few afternoons with my student teacher's help :) Bless her!




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