Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time for Cupcakes!

End of the year and time to celebrate! What better inspiration can we get but from Wayne Thiebaud, an American pop artist who depicted everyday objects in his paintings. Pastries and ice cream were common themes and definitely grabbed the attention of the 3rd graders. Pinch pots were formed as the bottom and top of the cupcake box and "toppings" were added using the score and slip technique. After the forms were fired, bright colors were used to add more details and mimic Thiebaud's use of color. A final coat of sealer was added to the top for a bit of shine to the frosting.

They look good enough to eat!

one of our inspiration paintings by Wayne Thiebaud





Gigi's hasn't got anything on us :)
Below is how I survive having 4 grades with
overlapping clay projects.
What a great space (and sanity) saver.

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