Thursday, May 1, 2014

Clay: Face Jugs and Bird Baths

The school year is quickly coming to an end and I am reminding myself, once again, to pull out the clay before the winter break next year! The students do such a great job, are totally focused and create some wonderful artworks.

Because of my planning (or lack there of) there is never
enough time to display their works for all to admire.
Note to self . . . bring out the clay earlier :)
Fifth graders created face jugs based on the ones attributed to African slaves and later southern potters such as the Meaders family in North Georgia. Students used hand-building techniques such as pinch and coil with modeled forms as details. Scoring and slipping was used to join details to the jug shape.

For a brief overview of
hand-building techniques, click here.

Second graders created pinch pot bases, modeled bird shapes, and used the score/slip method to join the pieces. After glazing, floral marbles were placed in the pot. During the glaze firing, theses marbles melted and cracked to create the water of the bird bath.

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