Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 21

The school year is off and running and our first pep rally is tomorrow. Go Titans and Dawgs! I have had "post" on my to-do list for days, and like the laundry, it hasn't gotten done. With Friday just around the corner, I'll try for a quick update.

Most classes have been working on their Square 1 Art designs with each grade working on a different emphasis. This is an annual fundraiser to buy materials for the art program. Kindergarten worked on naming and drawing lines, as well as cutting and gluing. First grade worked on reviewing lines and coloring. Second grade worked on portraits and composition. Fourth and Fifth grades have worked on a theme of "My Favorite..." which gave them more options to be creative and autobiographical. 
                       Look for the catalogs in mid-October.

Third grade has been studying Greece and the birth of democracy. In art, we designed vessels exhibiting the characteristics of Greek artifacts. We applied what we learned in second grade and worked to make our pots more realistic with highlights and shadows.

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