Friday, March 8, 2013

March Comes in Like a Lion...

T hings have been so busy in the art room with 2 shows, an installation, and Fine Arts Night to prepare for. Plus, I got an iPad for the class and I'm trying to work my way through new technology.

Today was a Conference/Teacher work Day so I had a long to-do list and accomplished most tasks, including a much-needed lunch meeting with the other 5 elementary art teachers in the system.

Inspired in particular by Richard Shilling, these photos are of the Land Art installation  that our UGA student teacher Ms. Leathers worked on with some students in 3rd and 5th grades. The contrast is much better in person (and I'm using my old camera because of technical difficulties that I hope to resolve soon.) The whole project was a huge undertaking and a great learning experience for her, me and the students. There are 2 panels that flank our main entrance; and even though they are sheltered, they are already succumbing to the winds and moisture of this blustery start to March. That's all part of the experience though. The materials are from the Earth and returning there. Although, I have seen a few sparrows helping themselves to the bird seeds. Again, all part of the process.

5th grade students also added clay pieces they had created and added impressions from natural objects such as shells and twigs.

We also worked on symmetry and radial balance
within the compositions of our medallions.

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