Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Clay Project

K-2 got a little added treat right here before our Winter Break and got to work a little with clay.

Kindergarten and First graders discussed the texture of clay and worked to form a ball and then flatten it out to a smooth even disc. Clay tools, as well as found objects, were used to create a charming snow man. Finger painting helped us get just the right look. We even worked on letter identification by adding our names with alphabet pasta which burned away when the clay was fired in the kiln. (I colored over the names near the bottom before publishing.)

Second graders worked on creating an even rope of clay and then coiled it to make a disc. Clay tools were used on the back to join the coils so that they would not separate as the clay dried. A tree shape was cut from the disc and the other two pieces were joined by scoring and slipping. After the pieces were dried and fired, the students used glittery tempera paint to add details. Some trees were covered with snow while others were decorated for the holidays. The other projects became leaves or fancy old-fashioned ornaments. Needless to say, the kiln was busy and we had a great time with 2 favorites . . . paint and clay. Thanks to Mrs. Carter at HSES for sharing this lesson.

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