Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Use for Old Technology

When the elementary art teachers in the district were asked to donate some student-made ornaments for the holiday tree at the board office, I went searching through the cupboards to see what we had. I must have had a visible light bulb above my head just like in the cartoons when I saw 100's of empty ready mount slides. With a quick trip to the workroom recycling bin, I found scrap laminating film and cut it to just larger than the slide window. After I tried to explain what a slide was (haha,) fourth grade students used glue, wire, beads, and Sharpies to create these wonderful minis. I can't wait to them on the tree with the lights behind them.


I am also looking forward to seeing what ideas my creative fellow art educators came up with. I've heard hints of some birds made from scrap wood. I guess I will have to wait and be surprised.

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