Monday, April 23, 2012

Clay and CRCT

We are through with the CRCT and in the middle of many clay projects. Everyone is ready to get back to the regular schedule but with only 20 days left in the school year, there will be other special events that will alter our days. We have been firing a couple of times a week around a staggered afternoon schedule for Special Areas. The students are very excited and it's like a birthday surprise every time I open the kiln. Here are a few examples of our clay projects K - 5.

Kindergarten Medals

We worked on primary colors and creating a pattern.
The larger beads were formed around a straw
using Model Magic.

1st Grade Pinch Pots

2nd Grade Pinch Nests and Modeled Birds

3rd Grade Native American Inspired
Covered Coil Pots

This pot tells a story in the round. A man went to take his pet turtle for a swim. When he returned, his pet was nowhere to be found. 

4th and 5th Grade Face Jugs
Inspired by the Meaders Family
with Pinch and Covered Coil