Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pop Art Printmaking

 Sometimes, the Art room is a crazy, energized chaotic place. Those are the days when I fall into bed an hour early and smile to myself on a job well-done. Being a type A personality, letting go takes a lot of effort on my part. It's really ok if I let the students take on more responsiblity and some of the work load. It may take longer and be a little less than perfect, but bigger lessons are learned. Yet another reason to support arts in our schools.

With the study of Pop artists Andy Warhol and Georgia's own Jasper Johns, students  brainstormed "ordinary" subjects for a printing project. Designs were planned to scale with thumbnail sketches. Students soon discovered that the mirror image of a print could be tricky especially if letters or numbers were used.

The final projects will include a series of four signed and numbered prints. Enjoy some examples of works in progress.