Thursday, November 17, 2011

Collaborative Fish Project

This project started out with a kindergarten class and was worked on over the next couple of days by at least one class from each grade through 5th grade. It was inspiring to see how every student added his/her own touch to make a great project that all could share in the pride of ownership. This was not my original but was found online, although I do not have to location at this time.

After the kindergarten student  drew the fish shapes,
my student teacher and I cut out the fish using
 an Exacto and self-healing mat.

First graders added base colors using
large brushes and tempera paints.

Second graders used the same paints and
different sized brushes to added details.

Third Graders added smaller details using cotton swabs.
I cut notches at the top and bottom for weaving and
then fourth graders helped me brush on Mod Podge sealer.
(Next time I'll cut after the sealer is dry because
some of the notches were glued shut.)  

Fourth graders added the simple wrap-around weaving
 in 2 different colors.I had predrilled holes in the fish
and in the bottle caps to make and attach the
eyes with beads and pipe cleaners.

Fifth graders added the fins, tails, and other finishing
touches with raffia, permanent markers, laminating film,
paper ribbon, and masking tape.