Friday, May 11, 2018

Wrapping Up!

It has been a busy May in the art room. We have been filling portfolios, firing clay and getting ready for the 4th/5th Grade Drama Club musical, The Jungle Book.
This clipboard chart has helped to stay organized and halfway sane while working on clay projects with 5 different grade levels at the same time. The Kg project was a simple one and didn't require as much juggling. Thank goodness for underglazes :)

The kiln has been full as the cubbies start to empty.

Lots of paper, yarn and hot glue turned the stage into the jungle for the musical. The kids were great! Such talent and hard work.

Enjoyed painting faces and helping these characters come alive on stage.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friyay and Clay!

The mug on the right included an experiment. Check the end of this post.
We have had such a busy last few weeks of school after returning from Spring Break and final review before Milestones and MAP testing. Getting your hands on some squishy cold clay is a great distraction and these fifth graders did not disappoint. Based on the ugly jugs (or face jugs) from the southern states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, we studied the traditions and histories of these potter's whimsies especially those of the Meaders family. We took some artistic liberties and made animal and people faces while shaping the vessels more like mugs. In the tradition, broken plates were added for teeth. The students love the idea of functional art cannot wait to eat and drink from their creations. I enjoy watching the artists' personalities come out in their creations.

view from above
view from the side (same eyes)

snowy owl with outstretched wings

joined feathers with texture and limited glazing
The student who made the top mug said, "I have a loose tooth. If I pull it, can I put it in my face?" At first, I was reluctant but figured, "Why not?" I did caution her that I wasn't sure what would happen but we could give it a try. You see there is no bottom tooth. As expected, it cracked into about six pieces but I really appreciated the creativity :)

Friday, March 23, 2018

March Comes in Like a Lion

Wow! What a busy Youth Art Month we've had! Fine Arts Night 2018 was a huge hit. I appreciate all the love and support the arts get from the faculty, staff, administration, parents and community. 

We are really going to enjoy our much-needed spring break in April. Then, before you know it, it will be summer vacation. 

We are finishing up the year with our eagerly anticipated clay projects and making our portfolios to get our treasures home safely.

                                                                                             photo Anisa Jimenez

                                                                                               photo Anisa Jimenez

We also finished up our 2nd/3rd Grade Art Club. It was such a fun group to work with. They were so productive! We were able to make a clay pet plaque, a woven bracelet/bookmark and a paper lizard sculpture. They also helped with the letters for the Fine Arts Night photo booth. Wow!!

I'll post soon about the projects that we are working on for the BOE office art display. It will be up for view all summer so it will definitely have a vacation vibe.